How To Use Epilator Philips

Our facial skin is highly sensitive. You can use this glove before epilating to remove dead skin around your hair follicles.

Philips HP6576 Satin Perfect Deluxe Epilator, White

Hence, you must not compare a facial epilator’s speed or durability with that of a normal ‘body’ epilator.


How to use epilator philips. Some epilator models also come with a nylon nylon exfoliation glove. The smaller size allows you to navigate the area easier and more tweezers means faster results. The philips satinelle prestige wet & dry epilator, for example, is cordless and can be used both in and out of the shower to provide you with the utmost comfort.

Can i use an epilator on my upper lip? With that said, you should also not use a facial epilator on other parts of your body. Rechargeable + 40 min of use ⓘ.

Philips satinsoft epilator with skin care system protects the skin against pulling and maximizes hygiene. Use a “wet and dry” epilator for the most convenient and painless approach. To use the glove first make it wet, and if you like apply a few drops of body wash or peeling lotion to it.

When choosing your epilator, try to find one that you can use in the shower. Instead, it plucks away hair as you move the device over different parts of your body. If you’re looking for a more permanent hair removal method, we have a handy guide for you.

Place the epilator at a 75 degree angle onto the skin surface and slowly work against the direction of hair growth. We are always here to help you. Some epilator heads are too large for the face, so it’s harder to navigate around the nose, eyes, and mouths.

Satinelle advanced wet & dry epilator. This item is available from retailers only. Place the epilator on the area you are epilating and gentle move the device from one spot to another.

So, this step is must if you want to learn how to use epilator on pubic hair effectively. Some epilator models also come with a nylon exfoliation glove. Use conveniently in or out of the bath.

If you’re a beginner, look for a “wet and dry” device, since you can use it in the shower and the removed hair goes right down the drain. Cordless & rechargeable, for a comfortable use wherever you want. Now, you may use epilator on pubic hair.

My philips wet and dry epilator review. Be the first to review this item. Previous steps have sterilized your bikini area, opened the pores and shortened the hair.

An epilator works similar to waxing, in that it removes hair by the roots. Cordless use on wet or dry skin ⓘ. Includes shaving head with trimming comb.

Try to epilate the hairs in the opposite direction of their growth. Charge for 1.5 hours for a full battery. This makes your skin feel soft and smooth and makes hair removal easier.

Using the epilator on the upper lip is really easy and safe. To use the glove, first make it wet and, if you like, apply a few drops of body wash or peeling lotion to it. You can use most normal epilators on your face, but it’s not always ideal.

Includes a sensitive area cap. Philips offers a model with removable heat sinks, which reduce the sensitivity of skin receptors. Do it slowly and correctly.

Philips satinperfect epilator with skinperfect system removes even fine, short hairs while protecting the skin. And this is definitely an area you want to be done with as quickly as possible. Turn on the device and move it slowly on the skin.

This can significantly reduce the pain, even if you do not know how to properly use the epilator. Another feature to consider is an led light so that you can see better and. Wet&dry, for a comfortable use during your shower routine.

You need to get in the bath or shower. Usually epilators come with accessories like facial caps that you can put over the head to make it smaller for the face. But an epilator doesn’t use wax.

Register your product or find user manuals, faq's, hint & tips and downloads for your philips epilator series 8000 wet and dry epilator bre740/11. Don’t press it too hard against the skin. 2 in 1 epilator & shaver.

Overall rating 3.8 / 5. This makes your skin feel soft and smooth and makes hair removal easier. There are 2 types of epilators—dry models and wet models (which can also be used dry).

You can use this glove before epilating to remove dead skin around your hair follicles. Unfortunately this product is no longer available. For legs, body and face.

Smaller epilators with lots of tweezers are ideal for the pubic hair. As previously said, epilating while showering can help reduce any epilator pain by opening the pores. Ceramic discs grip fine hairs.

Tug your skin tight to reduce the pain.

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