How To Spell Mosquitoes Plural

(m) mosquitoes can breed anywhere they find standing water.los mosquitos se pueden reproducir donde sea que encuentren agua estancada. I was awake all night scratching my mosquito bites.

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Culex, anopheles, and other genera, family culicidae.

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How to spell mosquitoes plural. According to merriam webster dictionary when using the plural of mosquito you can use mosquitoes or mosquitos without being called out by the grammar police. The plural form of the noun mosquito is mosquitoes.the plural possessive form is mosquitoes'.example: Mosquito definition, any of numerous dipterous insects of the family culicidae, the females of which suck the blood of animals and humans, some species transmitting certain diseases, as malaria and yellow fever.

Some species of mosquitoes can develop from egg to adult in as few as five days. Simply put, you are okay to use either spelling of mosquitoes or mosquitos. A flying insect that bites humans and animals and drinks their blood.

This is similar to is the correct spell. (3.81 / 7 votes) email print. Thai lemon grass thai lemon grass contains citronella oil, which has a strong scent that makes it hard for mosquitos to find you.

Spanish nouns have a gender, which is either feminine (like la mujer or la luna) or masculine (like el hombre or el sol). The right answer is that it´s spelled mosquitoes, not mosquitos. How to use mosquito in a sentence.

(plural mosquitoes or mosquitos) jump to other results enlarge image. The noun mosquito adheres to the standard rules for forming the plurals of nouns in english (shown in the table below). However, the alternate form, mosquitos, is also considered to be acceptable depending on the context.

Mosquitos can be found in every land region except for antarctica. This is the case with nouns very often as well. I believe that some american english speakers pluralize the singular noun “mosquito” by adding only an s because this is how the noun is pluralized in spanish and because of the increasing influence of spanish on american english.

The plural of mosquito is spelled mosquitoes. Any standing water can become the mosquitoes' hatching pool. He swatted the mosquito with a newspaper.

The swarm of mosquitoes disrupted the party. (mosquitoes plural) (mosquitos plural ) mosquitos are small flying insects which bite people and animals in order to suck their blood. ‘humans can contract the disease when bitten by mosquitoes infected with west nile virus.’.

The plural of mosquito is mosquitos or mosquitoes. Comments are closed, but trackbacks and pingbacks are open. A small flying insect that bites people and animals and sucks their blood:

Is the correct spelling of /məˈskitoʊz/ mosquitos or mosquitoes? This is good because the grammar police can be a real pain. However, you should never use an apostrophe to form a plural (click here for ten tips for using apostrophes).;

The bite of the bloodsucking female can transmit a number of serious diseases including malaria and elephantiasis. Another infection carried by mosquitos, chikungunya, doubled to six cases in the west midlands last year. (m) means that a noun is masculine.

One type of mosquito can spread the disease malaria. The plural form of mosquito is mosquitos or mosquitoes. Both forms are correct according to merriam webster®, to, to, to the american heritage® stedman's medical dictionary, to.

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Plural-rule-6 Spelling Rules Teaching Spelling Plurals

Plural-rule-6 Spelling Rules Teaching Spelling Plurals

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Plural-rule-6 Spelling Rules Teaching Spelling Plurals

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