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How To Replace Deck Boards On A Trailer

Cut alongside the joist using a speed square as a guide. Pull the nails and remove the board.

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We have compiled a guide to help you choose the best lumber option for your trailer.


How to replace deck boards on a trailer. I basically built a 7×8 deck out of 2x4s, with a 1/4in gap in between boards to allow for water or mud to wash off easily. Besides, plywood won't last very long. Signs of an unsafe deck may not be obvious so safety checks are critical when deciding to repair or replace.

Then the deck went down on top. If you wait too long and your boards start to rot, then you’re in danger of compromising your trailer deck strength. I am thinking about drilling pilot holes up from the bottom through the new deck boards to line up the the holes with the old ones.

Some shippers won't load a trailer with a plywood floor. Popular alternatives are oak, cypress and other hardwoods that add even more durability. She thought gaps would allow rain to drain more easily through the deck, perhaps allowing the boards to dry out more readily between rains.

A 1/8 gap edge to edge between deck boards is generally recommended for center frame and outside frame trailers. My uncles used to do linseed oil paint it on till it sat on top for days to dry. Angelim pedra 1 5/16″ x 7″ trailer decking.

Can i use the old screw holes?. Angle the saw blade a few degrees so the new board will butt the top edge of the old board tightly. Instead of apitong you could use oak, but the price is comparable.

You need to use a hard wood for a trailer floor. In this article, we’ll walk you through how to redeck your trailer. This is done by securing it with a few screws from the top side.

Watch the full video of steve's interview with tom on youtube Decking sold in even and odd lengths between 6' to 18'. It could be used temporarily to patch a couple of holes until you can do it right.

Most of the time you can replace boards, especially on a name brand like big tex, by shoving one end into place, bending the board over some fulcrum like a timber, and then shoving it into the other pocket. Place the first board in the corner of the trailer. After a while your trailer decking will start to look pretty bad and you’ll need to replace the boards.

Also, if your deck was built before 2004, it's probably made of lumber treated with. A 1 up sled trailer is typically one sheet 4×8 of 3/4 treated plywood stain/seal the bottom good before you put it on , then stain seal the top. Just don't skip any steps and you'll be able to easily replace your deck boards and get more life out of your flatbed trailer.

The last board fit the final space with the same spacing as the rest of the trailer floor. Using the holes in the lumber as a guide, drill through the metal of the trailer frame. I added a deck to an existing trailer frame that only measured 3.5 x 8ft wide.

Cut the section of bad board free from the joists at both ends with a jigsaw. Our trailer is a 2006 5×10 single axle open trailer. I would not recommend plywood.

Add an additional upcharge of $0.80 per lineal foot for 15+ foot lengths. It is time once again to replace the rotting deck boards on my open trailer and the wife asked if it would not be better to have gaps between the boards rather than the boards being snug up against one another. The last step to complete this project is to reinstall the angle iron at the back of the trailer to cap off the ends of the boards.

Pull the nails that hold the board in the middle. If you already own a pj trailer and would like to replace your deck with one of these lumber choices, please contact your local dealer. I have t&g 2×6 on my trailer.

We can pull your order to specific lengths. Some wood is welded into the deck so you can't replace the boards without removing the last piece of metal. I have a pace american worksport trailer and i am planning to remove and replace the deck boards.

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