How To Paint High Ceilings In Stairwell

Simply use the filler tube to draw paint directly from the can. Really great job, love the color…it does look like dreamy sky!

How to Paint High Walls on Stairs Diy home repair, Diy

Now hopefully i can paint with relative ease and safety.


How to paint high ceilings in stairwell. Painting a stairwell with a high ceiling can seem like a daunting task, particularly for new homeowners. When the handle is full, it extends to 54”, which enabled me to reach the wall above the stairs without even needing to lean over the railing. The whole process was so fast and easy!

There’s a half wall at the top that divides the upper hallway, which created extra support (since the ladder leaned directly onto this piece and gave me leverage). The most common place to find these high ceilings is in stairwells. Preparing the painting area correctly and using.

High five diy fanatic shares the easy way she paints high ceiling corners without having to balance on a ladder. Use a second step ladder on the top landing, keeping its feet a few inches back from the step edge! In large hallways there are many difficult areas that need to be painted, reaching high ceilings and high stairway walls.

Tips for painting tall ceiling stairwells. If pushed tight against the back of the step it will not slip. I’m here to tell you that it matters!

Extremely high ceilings on a stairwell, no way to get a ladder up there 3 answers sherri on aug 27, 2018 carolyn, do you have a picture? Ceilings and high areas often accumulate dust and cobwebs, which will make it difficult to paint. On this page are a few tips and techniques for working in stairwells and building quick, improvised scaffolding with dimension lumber.

Lean ladder against far wall and double check all ladder safety devices are set. The bead board wallpaper is going to look great with the wall color too…looking forward to seeing it all done! How do i safely paint this?

A soaring ceiling adds drama to your home; The walls and ceiling will be a different colour, so i need to be able to use a paintbrush to cut in under the coving. How do i paint high ceilings and walls on stairs?

We chose sherwin williams paint for this room and it was so thick, that it didn’t splatter. First, if you need to paint staircase walls or walls with high ceilings, you have to get an extension pole. This is required when painting the high ceilings near stairs, if stairwell repairs are required, when lightbulbs above the stairwell need to be changed, and more.

Many of them are also scared of heights so you need to have a head for heights. Those extra few feet can really come in handy when you have a super high stairwell or a room with a vaulted ceiling. That means that the ceiling at the bottom of the stairs is very high.

This particular extension pole is a good one because it extends to 20 feet. A staircase scaffolding allows you or anyone else to access the ceiling and wall. That would help us give you more ideas.

One of the reasons we decided to paint our stairwell white was so it would be the same color as the ceiling. Secure extension ladder feet against the stairs. I was even able to roll from the side to cut in the edges at the ceiling.

Except that when it comes time to paint, the drama becomes physical instead of visual. I need to paint the walls and ceiling in this staircase. I have a 2 ft, square section that i can’t reach with the 10 ft.

I used a roller with an extra long extending handle to paint as much of the wall, as high up as i possibly could. I know some of you are probably rolling your eyes and thinking this is true no matter what height your walls are, and what does this have to do with painting in rooms with high ceilings!! Then i sat for an embarrassing amount of time just staring at that little bit of unpainted trim, too afraid to climb up on a ladder and too proud to hire a pro.

The clever hack involves taping the paint brush strategically to the pole of. I have a staircase hall i want to paint and that could come in handy for the high ceiling and cutting in. That’s a cool tool you used.

As for the top of the stairs, i folded one of the pieces all the way back (as in, doubled up on itself), which shortens the ladder, and leaned it against the far left wall. The ceiling is flat, and does not slope down with the stairs. If you need to paint high walls and ceilings in a stairwell or a great room, you'll need to use an extension ladder and maybe build scaffolding to reach some of the farthest points.

There is no easy way to trim where the wall meets the ceiling when it was that high up (at least not without renting scaffolding), so by painting the wall and ceiling the same color, you don’t need to be quite so careful with your. If you have any amount of painting to do, i highly recommending investing in a good roller.

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