How To Open Trunk Without Key Hyundai Sonata

This started about 3 weeks after a battery replacement so i thought i messed up the remote somehow but when i tried my second key fob, i had the same problem. Found the key hole, using the key in the fob.

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My trunk on my 2013 hyundai sonata will not open.


How to open trunk without key hyundai sonata. The second option is to press the button located on the trunk door to open. Due to the penetration of the bumper antenna into the trunk area the lid may open without an identification device outside. Once you find the keyhole, use your key to try and open the trunk.

Will take to get serviced tomorrow. Lower the back seat and crawl into the trunk and see what the latch is doing when you activate the key fob. Have you checked the fob's battery?

I cant lower the back seats because the release levers are in th. Smart key system / description and operation. Also an emergency release cable is probably visible (yellow handle) inside the trunk and will open the trunk lid.

Got the trunk open, but now the trunk will not close. Sonata hybrid, with 12 volt battery in trunk. You are a true gift from god, thank you a million times over.

I lost the keyless entry remote of my hyundai sonata 2004 and i can't start the car with the spare key or unlock it without geting the alarm to. Put yourself in front of your trunk, and look around the handle of the trunk, you should discover a small trap door behind which hides the mechanical lock in which you will have the ability to insert and turn your key. Tried the key, the fob, and the button in the car

Use a flash light there should be a pull handle to pop the trunk. Hyundai sonata 2017 keys locked in trunk 3 answers i locked my keys in the trunk and i got a locksmith to come open the doors, which tripped the alarm and made the truck inaccessible. Once this is completed, you will have the ability to open the trunk of your hyundai sonata with a dead battery and access the.

The trunk lid will have to be open to enable any repairs. I locked my keys in the trunk of my 2016 hyundai sonata. For most vehicles, once the vehicle is open, you will be able to recover keys locked in the trunk.

There appears to be no keyed entry from the outside of the trunk and the owner's manual says the rear seats can be folded down but only after turning some kind of knob in the trunk. 2017 hyundai sonata, trunk wont open, not with a key, or the remote from inside or the keyless remote, how can i get it open. Battery is dead can't open the trunk.

You can always call aaa roadside assistance or a locksmith, but you'll probably have to fork over some money, as well as wait for them to get to you. Can 2008 hyundai sonata trunk be opened from inside. The trunk door will open.

I have a 2017 hyundai sonata. I cannot get the trunk open with turning the key manually, the button inside of the car nor from the button on the car key. The trunk lid will have to be open to enable any repairs.

Hyundai key fob with key. Strangely, the trunk button on the dash works without any problem. You might even get towed.

If you can get in that trunk. You can remove the latch cover and open the lock with a screwdriver or unbolt the lock. All you have to do is open one door, open the car, and use the manual trunk unlock or unlock the entire car.

What have you tried so far? Is there a positive lug in engine compartment that i can hook trickle charger to to r … read more Lower the back seat and crawl into the trunk and see what the latch is doing when you activate the key fob.

I push the trunk latch and it makes two clicks but does not release. My trunk will not open on my 2013 hyundai sonata. Not sure if you have the fold down back seat.

Seat back release is in trunk. Locking your keys inside of your car is frustrating, to say the least, especially if you're in a hurry to get somewhere. All other key fob buttons work fine.

Are you fixing your sonata yourself? As you can see from the picture below, it’s kinda blended in and not really easy to detect. Somehow as i sit in my home office with my keys in my pocket, the trunk release button manages to get depressed, the trunk pops open on my 2013 hyundai sonata, the trunk light comes on, and a couple days later when i go to drive the car the battery is dead.

The release on the dash and on my key will not work. On the internet it said the hyundai dealer can make you a cheap key for only the trunk, which is cheaper than the regular key if you provide vin information and proof that you own the. Would not open from fob or inside switch.

Key entry also will not work i tried entering from the rear seat but can not unlock the seats. If you don't have the handle and you can get in the trunk. Also an emergency release cable is probably visible (yellow handle) inside the trunk and will open the trunk lid.

All of a sudden the trunk button on my key fob won't open my trunk. Have a 2017 hyundai sonata sport, trunk mechanism just failed. I am a single mom, and i had no one to call on other than god and hyundai to help me fix this problem of getting my keys out of the trunk, and god knew hyundai was a no no, so he lead me to your post.

Pressing the unlock button on your car door should open every lock on your car.

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