How To Measure An English Saddle Gullet

This area is referred to as the channel or gullet, and it allows room for your horse’s spinal processes to work. September 24, 2020 october 22nd, 2020 no comments.

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Turn your saddle over, and you’ll see a space between the panels that runs the length of the saddle.


How to measure an english saddle gullet. The gullet of a saddle is the channel that runs down the center of the underside of a saddle, in between the panels. All wintec saddles are designed with an adjustable gullet system. How to properly measure a saddle gullet on a completed saddle:

It is even farther from western saddles, as we have no comparative bar angles. The gullet is the channel between the panels of the saddle running from front to back. On either side of the gullet you will find the panels of your saddle.

To measure a saddle gullet, do the following. Place your hand into the space between the saddle and your horse’s wither, using your fingers to measure the vertical space. Fender length measurement measure from the top of the webbing (where it hooks over the stirrup bar) to the bottom of the leather.

How to measure gullet on an english saddle. The gullet measurement in english saddles is a bit more of a mystery than in western saddles. You have to measure the withers.

This is measured between the fork points. Position the end of a tape measure at a nail head and stretch it across the saddle to the center of the cantle. You can generally determine the size required by looking down on your horse’s back from a position above.

If the gullet is narrow, it can pinch the muscles on either side of the spine which ultimately will make. In english saddles, there is no standard measurement, no standard place to measure. How do you measure the gullet width of an english saddle?

Generally i believe, narrow is 28 cm, medium is 30 cm, wide is 31 cm, and. Since the nail head isn’t perfectly centered, your measurement will be at a diagonal. These can be vary in width from the front to the back of the saddle.

The gullet bridges the horse’s spine so it is an important part of the saddle design. Google how a english saddle should sit and buy a safe brand of used saddle. Measure from a nail head to the center of the saddle’s back.

The saddle gullet should span the withers, resting on the withers about 2 inches below their highest point and leaving a gap between the top of the withers and the bottom of the saddle. Place it over the wither 2″ behind the horse’s shoulder blade. Sometimes both the width and angle of the saddle’s tree are incorrect for a particular horse.

The techniques used to measure the seat of english saddles are similar to that of a western saddle. Have a saddle fitter measure your horses back and find out what tree size would be best. As a rule of thumb, you want to measure across the font of the saddle level with the conchos as this is a pretty close indication of where the bars of the saddle are the widest.

Peek between the skirts in the front and find the connection between the top of the saddle bars where they connect to the pommel. The strip of unpadded leather running down the center of your saddle is called the gullet. Measure the distance between the two felt dots closest to the gullet.

Measure the gullet by stretching a measuring tape from concho to concho across the front of the saddle, not over the top. Place your tape ever so slightly below that joint on the inside of the gullet on the fleece and measure across to the other side in the same place. On the front of each panel there are four felt dots.

Please follow these instructions to take the right measurements: To measure the seat size of an english saddle, you can measure from either nailhead on the sides of the pommel to the middle of the cantle, or the end of the saddle. Check channel or gullet clearance.

Do not put one of those no brand ebay saddles on your horses back or i will jump through this computer screen missy. The back of the saddle is called the cantle. Try on a bunch of saddles at your stable to the horses back.

Take a flexible wire that can be bent easily. We need your help to work out if a standard or superwide smartflx gullet will fit your horse best. How to measure a gullet.

This provides a quick and easy way of adjusting the width of the saddle to fit correctly over the horses withers. How to measure an english saddle. You can see this last old saddle on the right is a true.

This can be very beneficial when considering horses that change shape, for example young horses that are still maturing, horses that have been out. The tree size is what is usually dictated in narrow, medium, wide, etc. The next part of the english saddle you’ll want to fit is the flap of the saddle.

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