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How To Get A Popsocket Off The Back Of Your Phone

The popsocket can be pulled out or “popped” to protrude from your phone and to give you a much better grip. Bigmcguire, mehrz, addamas and 1 other person.

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Make sure you try from different directions.

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How to get a popsocket off the back of your phone. Carefully pull the pop socket away from your device. Popsocket alternative is mostly used because of the telescoping grip. If your popsocket is applied directly to your phone, take extra caution to remove it without damaging the phone itself.

The manufacturer claims it can be reused up to 100 times. The adhesive is reusable, so you can take the popsocket off your phone and put it back on as many times as you want. If you need to remove a popsocket from your phone, push down on the top of the popsocket to ensure it’s not expanded.

Get underneath the base using the nails on your fingers or any of the items listed above. Carefully place the exposed adhesive to the desired spot. It might be a good idea to stick popsocket to a cover, especially if you have bought a cheap stand.

It doesn't bend easily, so it took some trials, but i got it off. Oherwise, leaving it exposed to air can dry out the gel. Collapse the popsocket by pressing with your finger.

Detach the sticky base from the case, rinse it underwater, let it dry for not more than 15 minutes, choose a new spot on your phone and stick the popsocket. Yes, it is safe to throw away your popsocket. If your fingernails won’t fit, try sliding a few inches of dental floss under the popsocket instead.

Slide the floss straight down slowly until the popsocket is fully removed. However, it’s important to note that the gel adhesive doesn’t always work well with waterproof, silicone, or textured cases. You can use your fingers, cardboard, or any other firm material during the process.

How do you fix a broken spinpop? Fortunately, it will usually stick back on once you remove the debris getting in its way. After removing the popsocket, take care to reattach it within 15 minutes;

While you’re washing the base, clean off the rest of the popsocket as well. This can cause the button to break and your popsocket will no longer be usable. These phone grips are phone accessories that you can attach at the back of your phone or its case.

Popsockets are round plastic devices that you can attach to the back of your smartphone or flat phone case with a sticky adhesive. Try to lift off the pop socket away from your phone. In this case, you should rinse the base of your popsocket with water.

Let it completely dry, but don't leave it unattached to a surface for more than an hour or it might lose. Never try to remove it before you do that. This way, you create a lever to push away from the phone softly until the base disconnects.

The manufacturer claims it can be reused up to 100 times. Close your pop socket double layer against your phone back. Watch the wheel spin, and if you’re lucky to get a free popsocket, you’ll be given instructions how to get it.

To join, all you need to do is enter your email address on the given space and enter the pink button “spin!”. Applying a popsocket on your phone is a simple process. You should do the following:

Always go slow and do not force your popsocket off any surface. Phone grips, stands, cases, mounts, wallets, and wireless chargers. Remove the button by squeezing the accordion to pop out the tabs.

To stay in place on the back of your phone, the popsocket base uses a gel adhesive. Yes, you can reuse a popsocket; Best subtle popsocket for black or white phones.

You can get creative with your popsocket. Work your fingernails under the base of the popsocket, then slowly peel the popsocket off of your phone. If you take a popsocket off of your phone, it is bound to get dirty.

Take better photos, text with one hand, and prop your phone for videos and video chat. With two fingers, you get a better grip on your phone, especially when taking a selfie or a picture. Then i slid a folded post it note under the magnet to protect the back of the phone, then used my micro screw driver as a lever to pry the magnet up.

Keep pressing down firmly on the popsocket for 15 seconds to make sure it attaches securely to. When you pop it out or extend it, the popsocket pulls out like an accordion enhancing your grip to the phone. The sticky gel adhesive at the back of the popsocket lets it attach to your smartphone or phone cover.

When removing your popsocket, do not attempt to pry it off from the expandable button! Once the pieces are separate you can use your thumb in center of the expanded accordion to push it back into place. Work your fingernails under the base of the popsocket, then slowly peel the popsocket off of your phone.

Can i remove and reuse a popsocket? After deciding on your ideal position, pull the adhesive sticker gently from one side expose the adhesive. You stick this small accessory to the back of your phone or phone case.

Yes, you can reuse a popsocket; Carefully run the dental floss underneath the popsocket to remove it from the phone case. Remove the cap and rinse out the inner part of the funnel.

For more details, check how to remove popsocket from phone case. This worth yet straightforward trying tiny object has a handle so you can put your fingers.

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