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The same goes to losing or breaking your retainers. You usually become aware that the wire is loose, because the wire will begin to feel rough against your tongue.

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At the end of orthodontic treatment you will be given retainers to wear.


How to clean retainers nhs. It’s as easy as opening the next package. Clear retainers can get dull, dirty, and cloudy over time. Retainers are used at the end of a course of orthodontic treatment.

Because they come as a set, once you’ve worn them out you can easily switch to the next set. They hold straightened teeth in place while the surrounding gum and bone adjusts to their new position. Under the nhs, your orthodontist is responsible for your care for 12 months after normal.

Clean the retainers with an old toothbrush and mild detergent/liquid soap at least twice a day. Vivera retainers are clean and clear. We also advise you to see your dentist or hygienist regularly for a professional clean.

They are thin clear plastic retainers which cover the teeth. Anyone under the age of 18 is entitled to a free nhs consultation. Hawley retainers require daily cleaning to prevent gum disease, bad smells, and trapped food debris.

Retainers are often used near the end of a course of orthodontic treatment. Date july/ 2020 page 2 of 3 www.mft.nhs.uk bonded retainers: Do not use boiling water.

This is especially important with sugary drinks as this can lead to decay. We recommend using an interdental brush or orthodontic dental floss to clean between your front teeth and underneath your fixed retainers. Hawley and clear plastic retainers.

Retainers can either be removable or fixed. It is important to keep the teeth and gums clean around the bonded retainer. • if you have a drink whilst wearing it, take the retainer out afterwards and rinse it as drink will pool into the retainer which will hold the liquid against your teeth.

The first set is given free on the nhs and future ones must be bought to keep your teeth straight. Excellent cleaning is required to prevent gum disease. Retainers can either be removable or fixed.

You don’t need to be referred to us by your dentist: You should also gently clean the retainers with a toothbrush and washing up liquid, taking care not to damage the wires if your retainers have them. A new nhs replacement set will cost £140.20 as you’re still within your nhs contract.

As these are clear they are not too visible and well accepted by most patients. It is important that you keep the areas around your fixed retainers clean. Occasionally, you may not feel any roughness with your tongue, but only notice some movement of your teeth.

You can contact us directly to arrange your appointment. If you have had your orthodontic treatment carried out by the nhs, they will not pay to have your teeth straightened again. Under the nhs, your orthodontist is responsible for your care for 12 months after usual treatment ends.

How to look after fixed retainers. If you have a fixed retainer then you will need to take extra care to keep it clean. Oral hygiene is always important, but even more so when there are retainers involved.

The bonded retainer may become loose from time to time as the glue it is stuck on with can wear away. And just as you did with your aligners, you need to take care of your retainers to avoid harmful plaque and bacteria buildup from forming. The most commonly used retainers.

Both hawley and clear plastic retainers can be removed from your mouth for daily cleaning. All members of this household should remain at home for 14 days. If your retainers are removable, take them out to clean your teeth.

Clean your retainers every day with cold water and toothbrush.do not use boiling water, toothpaste or bleach.do not use very hot water as this can melt the plastic of the retainer.don’t forget to brush the metal wire as well. To clean your hawley or clear plastic retainer, follow these steps: Once you’ve finished your invisalign treatment, we’ll encourage you to use a retainer to prevent your new smile from shifting out of shape.

Your orthodontist can assist you with this. If you think you have symptoms, please do not attend. Sometimes it is necessary to place a bonded retainer (fixed wire) behind the upper and/ or lower front teeth to help maintain their positions.

If your retainers are fixed, carefully clean them with your toothbrush while you are cleaning your teeth. Failure to keep your teeth and brace clean will. How to clean hawley retainers.

If we can help with anything else, please give us a call on 0800 781 0035. Retainers hold newly fixed teeth in place while the surrounding gum and bone adjusts to the new position of the teeth. You will not need to be seen as often now that the retainers are in place.

How to clean retainers nhs. Your orthodontist will need to take new impressions, so your retainers will be made to fit your teeth in their new position.

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